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A couple technical notes re: growing pains on ye olde new blog:

  • I’m aware that the “Stream o’ consciousness” posts are doubling up each day. They’re autoposted by the Lifestream plugin that powers the feed at bottom center of the page and it’s a known bug they’re trying to fix. I would shut off the autopost, but I’m using these as a way of keeping archive notes of the things I post/read. I’m gonna let this roll on for a while and see if they can fix it.
  • And if you’re one of my Facebook friends and sick of seeing every mundane thing I write posted as a note, my apologies. I tinkered with several different plugins/apps to autopost certain categories of my writing as Facebook notes, and although I eventually decided against that, I seem to have managed to turn off all but the one that actually worked. I can’t find an app or plugin that should be posting, yet the beat goes on. Maybe here in the holiday lull I’ll figure out what I did so I can undo it.


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This is just a test post. So go away. Nothing to see or read here. Return to your homes.

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