About me

I am a media, news and advertising executive with more than thirty years’ leadership experience. I have run startups, large media organizations and ad agencies.

I am a consummate problem-solver and can communicate across all disciplines — I speak both analog pressman and digital developer fluently.


Things I’ve done

I’m a Swiss-Army Knife, with varied experience across all disciplines of media. To give an idea of the sorts of opportunities I can create for you, here’s a sampling of things I’ve done:

  • Turned around a relaunched regional magazine by managing operations against benchmarks mined from industry peers.
  • Built the first local magazine website.
  • Turned around a stumbling B2B publisher during an industry downturn, by innovating new bolt-on products that replaced lost classified revenue.
  • Founded and built the largest independent local news website of the 2000’s — including building the first local news app and selling the company to a NASDAQ-traded media company.
  • Built a profitable ancillary content studio business for a top-ten news publisher.
  • Built and led a content marketing and social media agency to 50+ clients, profitability and exit.
  • Turned around the online reputation of a Fortune 500 company.
  • Built product, marketing and business intelligence teams that relaunched a suite of major market news products, leading to a doubling of subscriptions and a tripling of advertising revenue.
  • Led industry associations through rapid change and growth.
  • Raised angel capital and grants from platforms.
  • Served as a senior leader at a publicly traded company, with teams that repeatedly were cited as the most engaged and diverse.
  • Managed M&A activity.

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