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Social media in-justice

From one of my attorney friends, posted from Facebook with the name changed to protect the honest:

“Chelsea” offers a secret to my FB friends. We look up your FB pages during jury selection. Just sayin… 2:58pmComment

Like all things, can be used for good or evil. I like.

Meta blog notes

A couple technical notes re: growing pains on ye olde new blog:

  • I’m aware that the “Stream o’ consciousness” posts are doubling up each day. They’re autoposted by the Lifestream plugin that powers the feed at bottom center of the page and it’s a known bug they’re trying to fix. I would shut off the autopost, but I’m using these as a way of keeping archive notes of the things I post/read. I’m gonna let this roll on for a while and see if they can fix it.
  • And if you’re one of my Facebook friends and sick of seeing every mundane thing I write posted as a note, my apologies. I tinkered with several different plugins/apps to autopost certain categories of my writing as Facebook notes, and although I eventually decided against that, I seem to have managed to turn off all but the one that actually worked. I can’t find an app or plugin that should be posting, yet the beat goes on. Maybe here in the holiday lull I’ll figure out what I did so I can undo it.

Facebook's outbound link brilliance

As best as I can tell, this just started today. When I clicked on a link posted by one of my friends (hey Chip!), the resulting page, which was on a WordPress blog, looked like this:

Click for larger image

A couple notable items:

  • The banner at the top is unobtrusive enough not to be annoying, but gives the option of bringing the conversation back to Facebook, where you’re more likely to know people and follow along — generating more FB pageviews.
  • The URL on the page is a FB URL. I wonder how much havoc this creates with the visited site’s traffic logs?
  • The banner stays until you hit the x or type a new URL. I’d like to see it go away after a couple clicks.
  • We’ll implement something inspired by this for Our Little Business shortly after the holidays. We do a lot of linkout stories where people return to us for conversation and I think this encourages that without being too obtrusive.

Maybe Facebook is the killer news app

And now, the traffic report
And now, the traffic report
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