Stream o' consciousness for June 23rd

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Repeat from the weekend: Customer service at scale, part I: Why I’m an Apple customer for life: (Part II later today) [#]
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@cmsour re: Nick & Sam’s Grill [#]
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@mikebullock They’re doing it in support of Iran protests. Even though they probably don’t even vote in US [#]
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I know I’m a goofball, but it makes me smile every time I see the Ben Folds ad on @pegasusnews . [#]
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@scottkarp Omnifocus, Weather Channel, Sailmaster Tweetdeck [#]
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@scottkarp I used to use/love Tweetie. Prefer Tweetdeck, but only because I have multiple accts. If single acct, Tweetie FTW. [#]
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In honor of the death of Kodachrome: #fb [#]
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@ryansholin I think joke is whistling in the dark for innovative people in orgs that aren’t. [#]
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Listened to 46 songs.
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The more animation tech advances, the creepier the Snuggle bear gets. #fb [#]
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@scottkarp Beejive IM. [#]
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