Stream o' consciousness for June 22nd

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@markjosephson That *sounds* as wrong as my favorite sandwich place, Texadelphia. Hope ’tis as good! [#]
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@PhilipHotchkiss @ajkeen or why Tweetdeck on iphone is 100x better than Adobe Air version? [#]
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RT @repeatnone: Girl Dies by Electrocution While Twitting in Bathtub, Apocalypse Draws Nearer [#]
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@JoostTX Sweet! Is it the format I thought with Murry and Rhett as openers? [#]
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@JoostTX New @old97s cover ep hitting iTunes soon. I imagine Tuesday. Includes Stones, REM, Bowie. [#]
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Last night’s sail:
#fb [#]
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RT @adamcoomes: Haha I love this pic. The Evolution of Online "Journalism" [#]
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