Stream o' consciousness for May 30th

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"Short week" my arse. [#]
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@ajkeen when you do away with payment, nothing left BUT affinity ๐Ÿ˜‰ [#]
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RT @bankerbradford Many small businesses lose their Advanta credit cards tomorrow – [#]
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RT @pauldawalibi To this owner of this site. You are brilliant and I want to personally invest every penny I have. [#]
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Us: After 3 months, product doesn’t deliver and you stopped returning our calls for help. Cancel. Vendor: Eff you. We have a contract… [#]
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Guilty musical pleasure du jour: Bob Seger #beautifulloser [#]
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Who cares about album release dates anymore? I need a listing of leak dates. [#]
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Wow. Village Voice fires back at CraigsList. Wow. I actually (mostly) agree. [#]
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RT @jayrosen_nyu MediaBistro: we talk to our ad people constantly AND we maintain editorial principles. Deal. (Amen!) [#]
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@bsaren Love Omnifocus, but pricy. [#]
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Planning weekend around wind forecast. #instantsailingjunkie [#]
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@magnus72 Looks awesome, if a little out of range for our 20-footer. [#]
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Listened to 51 songs.
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@JoostTX Which Leonard Cohen did you get? I have a song I need to send you if it’s not on there. [#]
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@JoostTX I listened to "Closing Time" on the plane to your wedding. You shoulda caught him live. [#]
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