Stream o' consciousness for May 29th

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@howardowens My best conference-killer: "Everyone here who has sold an ad, raise your hand." Maybe that’s why I never get 2nd invite. [#]
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RT @howardowens I distrust anybody who talks about online local biz models who have never walked into local jewelery store and sold an ad. [#]
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@howardowens @jeffjarvis 2nd pie-in-sky on self-coverage – Howard & I are both in that world. It’s icing, not cake (pt.3) [#]
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@wmhartnett Has toilet flapper sold an ad; developed a subscription model; the ability to scan codes in magazine ads you read on toilet? [#]
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@wmhartnett Pay-per-flush model *might* save journalism. [#]
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The Vendor Client relationship – in real world situations: [#]
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@EricCeleste That club is a block from my house. Sweet! [#]
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Listened to 55 songs.
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Biggest ad month ever @pegasusnews; first ever budget-beater. 🙂 [#]
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@magnus72 traditional ad spend is down and businesses need cost-effective alts. And there was a contentious election. [#]
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@JoostTX A Worthy book would have to be multi-volume! [#]
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