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@HOBdallas Crystal Method review [#]
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RT @mleewelch "kill off the unsigned opinion pieces first" — (Been saying this for years) [#]
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RT @adrianholovaty The definitive, two-part answer to "is data journalism?" (Amen. Keep paywall debate too) [#]
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@robertdoyal is great 1st step. State & local gov’t should collaborate and build off this. Great if Fed+State+local xref [#]
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RT @willienelson Willie Nelson named 2009 Texas State Musician ( (Should drop the 2009 from that designation, methinks) [#]
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Long weekend, you are almost mine. Almost. [#]
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RT @mikebullock Grab a sneak peak at the garage sales in the DFW area this weekend [#]
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Listened to 22 songs.
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@adamcoomes If I could only follow 3 people on Twitter, I wouldn’t bother with it. [#]
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@bretthoerner No working for the competition! [#]
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