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Listened to 29 songs.
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Woot-off Phillips Bluetooth Wireless Micro System arrived. Win! Listening to my computer over Btooth and interrupt to take call on speaker. [#]
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Anybody got experience w/ At&T u-verse? ‘Specially in Dallas? Looking at HD pack without movie chs plus phone plus tippytop Internet offer. [#]
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@GadgetVirtuoso but is it more reliable than my at&t DSL that cuts out incessantly? [#]
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@TuneUp feature idea: pull in flickr photos alongside YouTube etc. I think songbird does that. [#]
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LOVE the new GuideLive relaunch. 😉 [#]
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Finally, Texas gets the border wall it needs. Plus a bonus around Austin: [#]
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Mercury is SO freakin’ retrograde. Or as Bobby Zimmerman says, "everything is broken." [#]
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