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Crazy new bizplan: Make quality product people need & like. Charge fair price. Smile. Continually improve. Earn enough. Repeat. Teach. [#]
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RT @dgouldin anybody use sphinx search on a cms? how do you handle searching over multiple models? [#]
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Listened to 73 songs.
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rt @howardowens God, I pray every day newspapers go to pay model online. It will be manna for those of us in the online-only news business. [#]
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Why didn’t I watch Senate hearing today? Because I’m busy working on journalism’s future, not worrying about it’s past. (via @howardowens) [#]
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@howardowens @tjsullivanla since when does Huffpo cover zoning issues? Would be like seeing wsj or Time at zoning meeting. [#]
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@mikebullock have a blast. Ocmc rawks. [#]
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