Stream o' consciousness for May 6th

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@EricCeleste I’d argue Raspberry Beret. [#]
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Listened to 63 songs.
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Loving the newish @benkweller. Fight, fight, fight! @willienelson would be proud. [#]
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"Some days are aces and some days are faces. Well, some days are twos and threes." [#]
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@willienelson must cover @benkweller song "Fight" on at least one of the nine albums he’s sure to release this year. #prolifictreasure [#]
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@cohabitat My Canon works pretty well at home. [#]
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Listened to 39 songs.
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RT @davidwestphal Here’s a warning sentence that ought to accompany every bold prediction about the future of news. NO ONE ACTUALLY KNOWS. [#]
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@mailchimp rt: CAN-SPAM and PR Pitches: Are you on the list of PR spammers? – [#]
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I love comment shills. They’re like dumb, distracted dirty little children. They are funny. [#]
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Why do all the fake spam users on Twitter love "table tennis?" Is it some sort of code? [#]
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@johnrobinson You mean this isn’t just another type of RSS feed? 😉 [#]
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