SPCA: A sad tale, and a lesson in research

I referred earlier to some info that was being spread via email about Dave Garcia, the SPCA employee at the center of the 20/20 story.

That info made it into the DMN yesterday, along with news of Garcia’s resignation.

Several thoughts here:

  • This doesn’t necessarily make 20/20’s report any more valid — it’s still a swiss cheese mishmash of mischaracterizations. But, it makes the SPCA’s rebuttal seem less high-minded.
  • If 20/20 had really wanted a "gotchya," it was right there waiting for them.
  • This calls the SPCA’s judgement in its use of Garcia into question. Can a convicted rapist and kidnapper get a job as dogcatcher? Yes. Should he be positioned as a media darling poster-child for the organization? Probably not.
  • Are there no media organizations that make a public records check of article subjects SOP? This should have come out months ago.
  • Herein is an object lesson, both in enabling users to report relevant news and in maintaining civil discourse. In the continuation is the email I originally declined to post. I think it is clear that something of this tone can’t just be posted willy-nilly. But, once we’re operational, it’s the kind of thing that becomes a hot lead for a professional reporter to check out. Or better yet, the user posting it provides the proof.

From: [sender redacted]
Sent: Sunday, July 24, 2005 10:44
To: mikeorren (at) pegasusnews (dot) com
Subject: Why is our local
news not reporting this story?
Frank David Garcia
Convicted of Kidnapping and Rape of Teenage Girl

Dave Garcia,
Director of Humane Law Enforcement, dgarcia@spca.org SPCA of Texas, 362 S.
Industrial Dr., Dallas, Texas 75207 Office: 214-651-9611 Ext. 101, Fax:
214-651-9244, is a CONVICTED criminal.

On the 29th of October, 1973, Mr. Frank David Garcia was sentenced to 9-12
years for "Kidnapping while armed with a deadly weapon". He also was sentenced
to 9-12 years for "Rape while armed with a deadly weapon".

[Unverified section redacted] GFN hopes and prays you don’t jump off a 100′ (foot) tall
bridge and find your self on the solid deck of a "Tug" boat.

[Unverified section redacted]

Stay calm, Mr. Frank David Garcia, Director of Humane Law Enforcement for the
Texas SPCA, GFN will try to take it easy on your convicted felonious butt.

PS: Don’t bend over while in a prison shower to pick up the proverbial
"soap". (Editors Note)

GFN will have more on this breaking news on our website or our next

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