Riding the bullet train

  • As we’re building our product, we sometimes get worried about not getting all the cool features into the launch release. Cathy Sierra reminds that it’s good to help users get to progressively higher levels.
  • Off-topic: This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time.
  • A discussion of why print isn’t dying that explains why print is dying.
  • Privacy v. relevance. This will be the great battle of the next few years.
  • A great set of S&P’s for newspaper bloggers. For all bloggers, actually.
  • The Long Tail of Long Tail aggregation.
  • You say "adware"; customers hear "spyware". One of the benefits of a closed semi-permeable network, like a subscription-based site, is that neither is necessary.
  • Forget circulation– advertisers are looking for "engagement" metrics. I smile.
  • I’ve deleted today’s earlier SPCA post, because it is clear that a group with an agenda and a mean streak is pushing out a lot of information allegedly related to Garcia’s past. (If they have their facts straight, I’m not criticizing that, but it’s hard to take stuff with this much bile at face value.) Unless and until the information is credibly documented, I’m not going to repeat it, even if other media outlets do.

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