Apres ads, le deluge

Shackleton_recruit_1The response to our postings for editorial, advertisingintern and citizen journalist positions has been touchingly overwhelming. The touching part is that I’ve yet to see a single response that didn’t include a lengthy and well-thought out personalized letter that indicated a thorough reading and understanding of our stuff. I’ve been hiring people for almost fifteen years and never had that kind of response before. I think hope that’s a good validation of what we’re trying to do here.

Don’t let that dishearten you from responding — keep the cards and letters coming. But also, please understand that there are only four of us who can interview — one is out of town; one is out sick; and we’re living la vida startup, which means lots of balls in the air. And with the news coverage that (I think) we’re getting tonight, it’s only going to get more hectic.

Everyone who sends us a personalized inquiry will get a personal response. But understand that it may be this weekend before we can get to everyone. Feel free to email me a tickler if you haven’t heard from us by next week.

Mike Orren is the Chief Product Officer of The Dallas Morning News; President of Belo Business Intelligence; husband to Crystal Orren; and a Mungarian at Munger Place Church in Dallas, TX. All opinions herein are mine alone.