Help wanted:Curator-in-Chief

In a more traditional world, we’d call this Editor-in-Chief. But prerequisite #1 for this job is that you understand the distinction between the two.

We have a very distinct editorial vision for Pegasus News. To date, I’m the primary advocate and guardian of that vision. But, it will soon be time for an editorial partner who can both enact and challenge that vision on a daily basis.

There are no few absolutes regarding qualifications for this position, but there are some characteristics that we’d consider a big plus:

  • Having worked in a professional news organization before, preferably with experience on a daily, preferably on a metro desk.
  • Experience working with both unpaid and paid contributors.
  • Knowing that "your readers always know more than you do." Knowing who I’m quoting in that statement.
  • Knowing that in an open-source world, the reporter’s job does not end once the story is filed.
  • Having blogged. Knowing what an RSS feed is, and desiring to find out what the "next medium" is that will make it seem comical in five years.
  • Being comfortable with technology, but understanding that it’s only a tool for delivering the truly precious cargo.
  • Being frustrated with "business as usual" in the news business.
  • Understanding that inexpensive doesn’t necessarily mean shoddy. Believing that free, over the long haul, usually does.
  • Having been frustrated by seeing a story "spiked" in a newsroom because of business interest, timidity or so-called political correctness. Understanding that such stories can lead to discussions like this.
  • Being a natural leader. Being a transformational leader as opposed to a transactional leader.
  • Having no snobbery about medium or message. Understanding that an SMS text message should aspire be as impactful as a 10,000 word expose. Treating a restaurant review or youth sports listing with the same respect as a "hot scoop."
  • Understanding the difference between objectivity and fairness.
  • Understanding the following statement:

    What you people call serendipity, we call links. What you people call
    the homepage, we call Bloglines. What you call indepth-reporting, we
    call blogging a story to death.

    Knowing who said it before following the link.

  • Being a reverent wiseass.
  • Having a sense of humor about everything but quality.
  • Not needing a six-figure salary immediately. Being worth it immediately.
  • Being in Dallas, or able to get here without much ado.
  • Ability to handle a bunch of High Fidelity-esque music snobs. You can appreciate these lyrics in the context of the job you’re rashly about to quit or forgo.
  • Not being risk-averse. But not being a fool.
  • Wanting to be on the ground floor of a revolution. A willingness to drink the Kool-Aid, but only after adding ones own sweetener.

If this sounds like you — really like you and not the person in the mirror who needs a job right now — email us. Tell us why you want the gig. Attach a resume. Convince us to spend our last dollar if we have to in order to bring you into the family.

UPDATE: Just to clarify, we’ll eventually be hiring a reasonably-sized editorial staff including a managing editor, a community editor, a meta-tag editor, reporters and columnists. Just because you think you aren’t experienced enough to take the "Lou Grant" job doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go ahead and talk to us now. When we do staff up, it’ll be a whirlwind, and the people we already know will certainly have the inside line. And if you’re in a position where you’re able to work today for a hamburger tomorrow (and a fridge full of sodas), we might even have room for you now. Especially if you have your own laptop.

Most of the same qualifications apply. But if you’re in doubt, talk to us. We don’t bite.

Mike Orren is the Chief Product Officer of The Dallas Morning News; President of Belo Business Intelligence; husband to Crystal Orren; and a Mungarian at Munger Place Church in Dallas, TX. All opinions herein are mine alone.