Help wanted:Advertising hero

Much like the case of the Curator position, I’m filling this role for now and will continue to do so until we find the right person. We’re looking for someone to lead our advertising sales efforts.

Again, no few firm rules, but some distinguishing characteristics:

  • You’re used to working without a net. In fact, nets kind of annoy you.
  • You find the subtitle of the book pictured repulsive. (Disclaimer: I’ve not read the book and have no idea what’s beyond the cover. It’s just a handy illustration of a point.) You want to find the heaters the Eskimos need; find a way to make a payment in seal pelts work on the balance sheet; and then teach the Eskimos how to feed that heater with better alternative sources of fuel.
  • You’re smart enough to negotiate a deal on the fly, without giving away the store.
  • You’re comfortable selling to Fortune 500 businesses, but give the same energy and attention to a corner dry cleaner.
  • You understand that the most valuable service you can provide to us is making salespeople as close to obsolete as possible. You understand that the only way to achieve that is with smart feet on the street. You’re cool with that.
  • You think that circulation is a "dopey way to gauge impact". You believe in our substitute. You’re ready to ditch that substitute as soon as we find one that’s even better and more precise.
  • You think that the best way to serve advertisers is by treating the readers/viewers the way they want to be treated. You think fewer, more precise ads are a good idea. You aspire to the ideal of "every ad a wanted ad." Every client is worth a million dollars, but no client is worth screwing the reader, even on a small scale.
  • You’re a junkie for data and metrics. You’re willing to toss them out the window when our collective guts say you should.
  • You have both sold and managed before. (No exceptions here. It could have been a lemonade stand, a high school paper, or ads on the Superbowl — but you have to have done it before.) Your customers and your staff respect(ed) you.
  • You’re comfortable with technology, but understand that it’s only a tool for delivering the truly precious cargo.
  • You’re frustrated with "business as usual" in the media business.
  • You have no particular bias towards on medium over another.
  • You’re a natural leader. You’re a transformational leader as opposed to a transactional leader.      
  • You’re a reverent wiseass.
  • You have a sense of humor about everything but quality.
  • You don’t need a six-figure salary immediately. You’re worth it immediately.
  • You’re in Dallas, or able to get here without much ado.
  • You can handle an office of High Fidelity-esque music snobs. You can appreciate these lyrics in the context of the job you’re about to foolishly quit or forgo.
  • You’re not risk-averse. But you’re not a fool.
  • You to be on the ground floor of a revolution and have a willingness to
    drink the Kool-Aid, but only after adding your own sweetener.

If this sounds like you — really like you and not the person in the mirror who needs a job right now — email us.
Tell us why you want the gig. Attach a resume. Convince us to spend our
last dollar if we have to in order to bring you into the family.

Mike Orren is the Chief Product Officer of The Dallas Morning News; President of Belo Business Intelligence; husband to Crystal Orren; and a Mungarian at Munger Place Church in Dallas, TX. All opinions herein are mine alone.