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  • MNSpeak looks to be embracing a lot of the same ideas we are, just on a more limited scale.
  • Jarvis: Tipping point or melting point?
  • A great Media Center report on the future of news. It’s a punchy 4-page read– highly recommended for newbies to this whole "sky-is-falling; let’s-build-a-new-sky; long-live-the-sky" discussion about news.
  • There are a lot of great ideas out there for local digital content. I’m just not sure that a blog is necessarily the right medium.
  • Hugh Macleod: There a was session there where journalists were asking a lot of
    questions. I came away thinking, "Dinosaurs don’t like meteors". There
    is no point trying to sell a dinosaur a meteor. He/She ain’t buying, so
    stop trying to sell him/her the meteor story etc.
  • John Battelle: The Mobile Web Sucks
  • Rex Hammock touches on the future of advertising in the course of a post on RSS ads: Every ad a wanted ad. And to those who say that they don’t want any ads, I say "poppycock."
  • Local = plastics.

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