Stream o' consciousness for June 26th

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Worried for Cronkite. These things happen in threes. #fb [#]
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Listened to 22 songs.
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@everyonewhocorrectedme I forgot about Ed. [#]
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@sjcobrien This kid’s sisters cousins boyfriend talked to a dude who said Ferris blew chunks at 31 flavors. I guess it’s pretty serious. [#]
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@gapingvoid Lemme know when you do Dallas (metaphorically). [#]
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RT @Lileks: Occasional desperate tweets re Iran between flood of Jacko news, like cries of a kid down in sewer while parade passes by above [#]
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@SarahKSilverman Too soon! (Now is the time to pour a little Jesus juice for our dead homie.) [#]
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Just me, or is CNN hedline/euphemism awkward: "Fans gather outside hospital where Jackson was taken." Was he abducted? [#]
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twitter (feed #10) – Now that’s a news day. (Sorry Jason Mraz — you were so close!) [#]
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Could a TMZ hater provide an example of them having the facts wrong on a major story? (Any skeeviness aside.) [#]
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Lest you find my string of MJ tweets insensitive, know that I, like @dallasprogress had a pseudo-Thriller jacket. Also had a Farrah poster. [#]
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@iJuli But that’s my point: Have they been wrong (factually)? [#]
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You’d think with million$ in IAC backing, The Daily Beast could manage consistent body type styling from graf to graf in emails. [#]
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@TreyGarrison I’m relatively certain that in Japan there are already plates on the street with MJ and Farrah dancing together. [#]
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@jdunck @bretthoerner Best exam of celebrity and perils: Old movie "A Face in The Crowd." Also great skewering of TV media b4 it existed. [#]
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Just realized I just joined a twitter convo with two people sitting on other side of room. </turnsoffcomputer> [#]
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Chicago Times, get real: (love that comments are off) (via everybody) [#]
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Email breaking news alerts: "Hi, just to remind you: We’re clueless and slow!" (Looking at you, CNN.) #fb [#]
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RT @pegasusnews Local musicians make a song for Neda: Square Pegs [#]
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@allantowns Once worked for a publisher who cut word "give" out of his OED & directed salespeeps trying to give added value to clients to it [#]
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@allantowns Actually, yeah. Did work [#]
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Looking forward to @benkweller gig tonight @ Granada #fb [#]
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RT @mailchimp …we’ve decided that @dgouldin had the best answer to yesterday’s Q. (Go David!) [#]
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RT @benkweller Bout to do an interview with "the last great DJ" @brettdillon on 95.3, the Range. I’m lookin’ forward to it brett! [#]
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@dgouldin @mailchimp Thanks for ruining one of my fave VU tunes: [#]
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RT @granadatheater #FF Follow Friday @benkweller. Plus meet him @granadatheater at 6pm in the parking lot. TWEETUP! [#]
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Listened to 15 songs.
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