Stream o' consciousness for June 18th

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@therefore check ups again. Status will change to held for Friday at shipper request. [#]
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Awake at 4:30 for no good reason. Gonna regret later. [#]
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@mikebullock iPhone tweetdeck crashing. But when working, awesome. [#]
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Stale office cookies and lukewarm coffee for breakfast. Who says New Media doesn’t practice the Old Journalistic Ways? [#]
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Good news for FB friends who don’t enjoy my geeky Twitter posts Switched apps & update is selective now. If you miss, twitfollow @mikeorren [#]
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Loving Tweetdeck function — switched after using their awesome iPhone app. Miss aesthetics of Lounge. Must Air apps be ass-ugly? [#]
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@mikebullock only the iphone app. I restarted phone and now seems ok. [#]
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@huntleypaton some drinks I just don’t tweet so widely 😉 [#]
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@ajkeen: @PhilipHotchkiss: also ask why not port iPhone version to mac. Much better than Adobe Air. [#]
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@jdunck dropped tweetie like a hot potato. [#]
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@scottkarp Mine also says prep to ship. Getting antsy. [#]
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"The iphone cannot be updated at this time b/c the activation server is temporarily unavailable." [#]
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Listened to 36 songs.
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@anthonymartinez sena iPhone case doubles as wallet FTW. [#]
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@anthonymartinez oops. Ignore last one. [#]
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@scottkarp sena iPhone case that doubles as wallet FTW. [#]
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@anthonymartinez I haven’t updated for cut paste yet ;-). I believe it is [#]
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Summer officially here. Pool felt soupy tonight for first time this summer. #fb [#]
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