Stream o' consciousness for June 2nd

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About to start cramming the week into four days. [#]
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Belated congrats to PhillyInq on really cool multimedia treatment of 180th: (And I gen. hate anniversary iss.) [#]
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"50 Great Examples of Data Visualization" Lots of wow factor; little chance I’d use (m)any more than once. [#]
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Champagne toast in office this morning to celebrate May sales record. Needs more brunch. [#]
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Just realized @pegasusnews is older than the company that bought us. #blessedtoliveininterestingtimes [#]
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RT @ckrewson So funny it hurts. Via @buzzfeed, Total Eclipse Of The Heart (The Literal Version) [#]
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@godsdog Great remark I heard from one of MST3K guys: Nothing better than cult fame. Occasional strokes but can go to store w/o bother. [#]
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@godsdog Well said, sir. [#]
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RT @pegasusnews Favoriting contest: Blue Shoe Blues Fest II VIP tix Please repost… [#]
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@johnrobinson Quite the council race you must be having 😉 [#]
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R2-D2 lives! For real: [#]
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@timmytyper Still not the worst botch in D history: [#]
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Going to NYC for wkend. TIme about 70% spoken for. Looking for off-the-beaten-path recommendations. [#]
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Listened to 49 songs.
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Watched Hellzapoppin (1941). Wiser. Sadder. Sillier. No longer believe WB cartoons or Mel Brooks are half as clever as I used to. [#]
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@jfritsche Swing is how my wife discovered. But the rest of the movie is even more amazing. Every good WB or Mel Brooks bit ever is in there [#]
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@jfritsche Pepe le Pew is there verbatim. 4 years before Pepe debuted. [#]
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