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@howardowens @westseattleblog Marketers trained by Google to think PPC is only model. Hardest mindset to change. [#]
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@howardowens @westseattleblog Happier advertisers when we make them put call to action in. Also, find contesting is helpful. Sell like radio [#]
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@huntleypaton I believe Buffett would say there are no puffs left in this cigar. [#]
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Hype overload: discussions of papers charging for online. Wake me up when someone actually does something (new in 2009). [#]
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RT @iwillclarke "Only kings, presidents, editors, & people with tapeworms have the right to use the editorial ‘we.’" -Mark Twain (So we do.) [#]
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@jfritsche You were where I first heard of that infernal game. My social life and productivity blame you. #peggle [#]
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@SanctuarySancto But is there any value to those auto-added followers? [#]
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Listened to 16 songs.
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Eat your heart out Franklin Mint! Bespoke news-driven commemoratives: [#]
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