Stream o' consciousness for May 14th

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Listening to pre-release Wilco and Green Day while trying to dig out of deep backlog. [#]
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@pavel_lishin Occasionally do speedtraps, especially when multiday. [#]
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I always confuse panacea and placebo. Maybe because in the end they’re the same. [#]
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Love Wilco & not just music: Album leak response = stream;"guilt abatement" plan. Donate to: [#]
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RT @lostremote tax break for WA newspapers doesn’t appear to apply to my online-only news startup. Stunningly unfair. [#]
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@scottkarp Probably less or even. But the real cost is subscription marketing. That blows the economics. [#]
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As if the life of an intern isn’t bad enough: HuffPo says pay to play [#]
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Listened to 40 songs.
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