Stream o' consciousness for May 2nd

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rt @DFWMedia1 #KTXA #TXA21 #TXA Scare hell out of us with #swineflu, get mayfest closed thn promote greasy fried chicken. Media ethics 101 [#]
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@NancyNichols send details and we’ll post a neighborhood dog alert on @pegasusnews: [#]
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Nice price selection interface on Wilco / Woody track: [#]
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RT @Lileks You’d think this could be the 1 day you could run around office shouting MAY DAY without people freaking out. But apparently not. [#]
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More response to my baconlung rant than anything I’ve written in a while: Strangely, many are emailing i/o commenting. [#]
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Max Stalling’s "Dimebox, TX" may well be the most comforting sad song ever: [#]
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@CharlotteAnne Always better to be a smartass than the inverse 😉 #wiseassesunite [#]
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@jimmyjohns online order interface rocks. Prefer it to counter service [#]
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Going to Spinal Tap tomorrow! [#]
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@prestonjones Boss did that segment on Tunnel o’ Love tour too. Saw him do Prince in Chapel Hill. [#]
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Listened to 61 songs.
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