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16 entries for December 18th:

googlereader (feed #8) 11:42am Wake Up Your Mac Faster
googlereader (feed #8) 1:57pm NPR API allows you to roll your own podcast
generic (feed #6) 3:26pm Best. White Elephant gift. Ever.: Square Pegs
generic (feed #7) 3:51pm Craig loses glasses, posts note on street corner – the AIM Group
googlereader (feed #8) 5:26pm Citizen media: Not there yet
facebook (feed #2) 6:06pm Mike is trying to decide who will write this week’s newsletter– me or John Dewar.
facebook (feed #2) 9:45pm Mike sold his plasma in Amsterdam. Spent it all in a night.
facebook (feed #2) 10:08pm Mike is bouncing into Graceland.
facebook (feed #2) 10:19pm Mike got arrested for inciting a peaceful riot, when all he wanted was a cup of tea.
facebook (feed #2) 10:28pm Mike is day-old and bold, baby.
facebook (feed #2) 10:31pm Mike don’t use jelly.
facebook (feed #2) 10:36pm Mike would scare them by the shade tree; would scare them by the lightpost. But I would not scare my pony on my boat out on the sea.
facebook (feed #2) 10:49pm Mike is gonna have me some ranch-style beans from a tin can, hobo style.
facebook (feed #2) 10:54pm Mike is just talkin’ about Shaft.
lastfm (feed #4) 11:02pm Scrobbled 87 songs on (Show Details)

facebook (feed #2) 11:16pm Mike will send you dead flowers to your wedding.

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