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11 entries for December 11th:

googlereader (feed #8) 5:04am RappVoice gets knocked offline; Don’t let its fate befall you
generic (feed #6) 11:01am Newspapers, guns and money: Square Pegs
generic (feed #7) 11:07am Square Pegs: Newspapers, guns and money | | Dallas / Fort Worth
googlereader (feed #8) 2:07pm Van Halen's Infamous 'No Brown M&Ms' Rider Finally Materializes
facebook (feed #2) 2:36pm Mike thinks that not everyone hit by the recession deserves our pity.
googlereader (feed #8) 4:32pm How To Be a 21st Century Capitalist – Umair Haque
googlereader (feed #8) 5:49pm Puppy Cam: Viewed 15 Million Times, For 773 Years
googlereader (feed #8) 6:42pm My Awareness Modes
facebook (feed #2) 6:45pm Mike is vainly trying to get excited about writing the weekly newsletter.
lastfm (feed #4) 10:42pm Scrobbled 136 songs on (Show Details)

generic (feed #5) 11:06pm Pegasus News week in view: Holly-daze edition

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