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15 entries for December 8th:

googlereader (feed #8) 8:53am NYTCo WantsTo Raise Up To $225 Million From Mortgage Or Sale-Lease Of Times HQ
generic (feed #7) 9:18am Kill the Media Zombies – The Daily Beast
facebook (feed #2) 9:38am Mike finally feels sentient again.
googlereader (feed #8) 10:55am Why you should mix records on crap speakers
blog (feed #1) 11:56am Song of the moment: “Bad Times (Are Coming ‘Round Again)”
googlereader (feed #8) 12:02pm Pulitzers expanded to include online-only publications
generic (feed #7) 12:55pm I Let My Fists Do The Talkin’ » Blog Archive » Caganer Fever!
googlereader (feed #8) 1:35pm Text-Message Disaster [PIC]
googlereader (feed #8) 1:40pm Santa Live for iPhone is Ho-Ho-Hosed?
googlereader (feed #8) 1:47pm Cultivating Conversations | Jason Santa Maria
googlereader (feed #8) 2:28pm Up From The Ashes?
lastfm (feed #4) 2:48pm Scrobbled 77 songs on (Show Details)

googlereader (feed #8) 4:37pm Free Microsoft Software for Startups?
googlereader (feed #8) 7:08pm Sam Zell’s Plan D: It’s All About Buying Time
blog (feed #1) 7:36pm Rawk test

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