The kids are alright

Those zany kids– they don’t like newspapers.

But — and here’s the shocker — they care about local news.

Greg Sterling (emphasis mine):

One thing that was interesting . . . Of the “favorite Web sites”
identified, the majority of them had in one way or another to do with
news or local
(sites like SFGate and Craigslist).
These people liked and read the news, just not in the
—although they read newspapers when they were around. They
just didn’t buy them or subscribe.

Interestingly, they did say that they read the newspaper for local
events and music because “there’s no good place to go” online for that

(Excuse me while I rush off to add a few validation points to our propaganda.)

Tim Porter asks what we should call these young non-readers:

Newspapers need to get over the idea of attracting young readers. Why? Because "reader" is an obsolete concept when applied to coming generations.

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