Touchy, touchy

So last week, Tim Rogers at The Frontburner (D Magazine‘s blog for those of you out of the loop), posted on a rumor story about Gina Miller leaving WFAA. He linked to Miller’s picture on the WFAA site.

After Miller left, and her picture was removed from the site, the image changed:

  1. Pretty innovative response for a company that used to sue bloggers (before they were called such) for deep linking to articles.
  2. I, for one, never tire of gossip. Or news. Or video. Weather, I’m kinda fair-weathered about. I hate traffic.
  3. There’s now a lot of really good WFAA refugees at KTVT. And I’ve talked to those guys — they get online.
  4. We’ve also heard gossip that some of the Neighbors papers didn’t get out last week because of some sort of staffing exodus. Would be interested to hear if anyone missed their Neighbors delivery this week…

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