Brother, can you spare ten dimes?

UPDATE 10/4/05 4:55 PM:
Lifetime subscription offer has expired!

In a few days, we’ll have a new subscription registration page for you to subscribe under our launch offer, which will still be a great deal. In the meantime, if you’ve got a sob story about missing out because of famine, fire, flood, plague of locusts, etc. send us an email and we’ll see what we can do.)

So we’re
back to where we were in 1904 –  except
that the guys on the corner shouting WUXTRY, WUXTRY aren’t
grimy urchins
selling the paper – they’re the people who wrote
the damn thing, too.




"it"? It’s everything you could possibly want to know about your city and
your neighborhood, in one place. It’s stories about what’s happening on
your street, side-by-side with the latest news from City Hall; last
night’s Rangers game and your kid’s soccer league.

your chance to connect with your neighbors without an editor getting in
the way. It’s a way to ensure that day in, day out, you’ll get a wealth
of words, photos, audio and video that you couldn’t get before, and
that you won’t have to trudge through a lot of noise to find the things
that are relevant to you.

we’ll deliver it in any format you like that is within our means: Come
to the website. Get a daily customized email. Be a high-tech showoff
and subscribe to our RSS feeds. Get a quick text message on your cell
phone. Open your window and let our carrier pigeon drop in for a chat.1

coming soon, but here’s the catch. News revolutions don’t just throw
themselves together. We need your help. Soon enough, that will mean reporting
on the things that you are passionate about
; things
about which you know far more than any of our staff reporters.

for now, we need your money. $1 of it, to be exact.2

Why do
we need your dollar? Two simple reasons:

  • Every dollar we get is proof that there is a desire for
    this kind of news service in our cities.
  • Our interns are starting to demand sodas. And even at Sams
    Club, caffeine ain’t free.


whole buck. 100 pennies. A lot of cha-ching, eh? But what will you get
for that princely sum?

lifetime subscription to Pegasus News.

does that mean, exactly?

subscriptions we sell at launch will range
in price from $12-$75/year, depending on your level of participation.
(In an unusual twist, the more of our services you use, the cheaper a
subscription will be.) On top of that, we’re going to give our most
active subscribers cash rebates when they shop at our advertisers.

$1 makes you eligible for all of that. Forever. Think you’ll live
another twenty years? Then, even assuming we never raise our prices
(ha!), you’re getting a minimum of $240 in value for a measly buck. And
with modern medicine advancing every day, you can probably take us for
at least twice that much.


a no-risk proposition. In the extraordinarily unlikely event that we
don’t launch our product, right before we commit hari-kari, we’ll
refund your dollar in full.3

Just click the secure PayPal link below, and we’ll do the rest.


If the email address on your PayPal account changes, it is your
responsibility to let us know so that we can start your subscription
when we launch. We’re not your mother; we can’t keep tabs on all your
wheelings and dealings. Also, a shipping address is required so that
we’ll be able to say how many come from each city and because we might
just send you a thank-you gift later on.

This offer is available until we end it by noting it on this page. We’ll probably shut it down shortly before announcing our official launch date.

Too rich for your blood? Still want to know what we’re doing and when
we’re launching? Send us an email and we’ll let you know what’s up.4

We will not actually send a carrier pigeon to your house.
They are filthy, nasty creatures and will not read you the news.

Actually, that’s $1 plus sales tax. The State of Texas makes
us charge
sales tax on online subscriptions, while daily newspapers get a free
ride. Hardly fair, is it?

We do not warrant that an act of hari-kari will actually be
committed. But you’ll still get your money back.

We will not email you more than twice a month, and we will NEVER
give your address to anyone else.

Mike Orren is the Chief Product Officer of The Dallas Morning News; President of Belo Business Intelligence; husband to Crystal Orren; and a Mungarian at Munger Place Church in Dallas, TX. All opinions herein are mine alone.