Sidebar #1

I have a massive SPCA-20/20 post brewing, but it’s waiting for some final answers from the SPCA (who are being quite responsive) and ABC (who are not). I’ll post it later this weekend, but there are a couple other things I’d like to touch on in the meantime.

First, a note for the many folks hitting this blog for the first time because of the SPCA coverage — this is not an animal issues blog. If you check the right rail on the main page, you’ll see what we’re about. We’re one of several companies starting up (or getting noticed) around the country right now that are trying to blend the conversation and user participation of blogging with the full-time attention of traditional journalism to create a new kind of local news hub that is both deeper and more highly targeted than what you’re used to. Some examples are The Northwest Voice, Bayosphere, Backfence, GetLocal News and New West. In our area, there’s also LocalNewsOnly, which focuses on NW NE Tarrant County.

Of course, we think we have a better mousetrap (as I’m sure all the others do), and we hope to spring it later this year. But, if you take the best aspects of all these sites, and sites-to-be, you’ll get a peek at the future of local news.

UPDATE: As anyone who has ever tried to have a cross-timezone phone conversation with me knows, I have absolute directional dyslexia. As a commenter points out, Local News Only is in NE Tarrant.

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