EPIC, redux

The EPIC video (in which "Googlezon" takes over the media world in the twentyteens) has been updated to include recent developments and has a kinder, gentler ending. I personally prefer the original, partly ‘cos I like my futuristic dramas dark, and partly because the new one has so much stuff in it that I think it loses a little of its original punch. But, to be fair, the part where I got bogged down is all stuff that’s really happened.

At any rate, it’s an absolute must-watch.

UPDATE: Let me correct a false impression that some people are getting — I did not create Epic. It was created by the brilliant Robin Sloan and the uber-talented Matt Thompson.  (No Jarvis-esque damning with faint praise here Matt!) I just mirrored a flash version here because I knew some of the people I was trying to show it to –as containing examples of things we’re going to try at Pegasus News — aren’t yet hipped to the whole Bittorrent thing (which is how they’re distributing it).

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