Citizens media summit recap(s)

The advantage of being too busy yesterday to recap the Citizens Media Summit is that others have already done the heavy lifting, so all I have to do is link.

Dan Gillmor actually understates how cold it was outside at the Presidio, at least for those of us too foolish to pack a jacket.

Fabrice Florin of Newstrust took notes.

So did Gary Lerhaupt.

My takeaway was that there are still few takeways. This newfangled wedia thingamajiggy is still so new that there’s no clear models yet. There are, however, lots of people looking for them.

Another high point for me was finally meeting luminaries like Robin "Googlezon" Sloan and Alan "Newsosaur" Mutter.

Photo below is from the Friday night shindig — rear-view of me talking to Mark Potts and Susan DeFife of Backfence.

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