Bullet-in board

  • Fred Wilson: Online does not cannibalize offline, it turbocharges it.
  • Jarviswatch: Tipping point for new media; undervalued online advertising; and Skype (my new favorite company) as an example of how control of distribution is worthless in all digital industries (including media)
  • To that last point — this is where I get excited about our prospects. All the hot plays in our business right now seem to be about aggregation — but I wonder if, in the long haul, aggregation isn’t just another means of distribution? In a bit of entrepreneurial hubris, I’ll declare that the real value will be in truly unique and reliable content.
  • And now, to contradict both Jarvis and myself: For advertisers, distribution still matters.
  • Greensboro News & Record with a cool dicing up of audio content from a tense City Council meeting. The key line on the page:
    We’ll have more on the Truth and Reconciliation debate in tomorrow’s edition of the paper.
    These guys have the cart and the horse in the right order.
  • Tim Porter has a great summation of the moment we’re at in media. Must-read of the week.
  • Tom Biro: Print is dead. Long live news.
  • RSS on Tivo
  • Ken Sands sees where a lot of new media experimentation is going wrong. I’m hanging this mantra on our door: People don’t need more sources of information, they need fewer. Graham Webster sees it too.
  • Alan Mutter sees the potential for collabortition between Craig and mainstream dailies.
  • Eric Celeste re-enters the blogosphere with some perspective on the DA’s Belo investigation.
  • Trendwatching: Customer-made

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