Pleased to meet you –Hope you guessed our names

A (hopefully) anticlimactic bit of housekeeping: Our Little Venture has moved beyond the stealth phase, as four of our key leaders are now full-time Pegasi. We’ve actually been "out of the closet" for about a month, but haven’t really been sure how to de-stealthify without making an unduly big deal out of it.

In fact, lacking any other clear reason to name names, we were thinking about trucking along as-is, just not taking any pains to hide our identities. (Mine, for instance, is easily found in a Google search.)

But I was chatting wedia with Dan Gillmor the other day, and he convinced me that it was important that everyone know who we are, even if we’re quite sure that no one knows "who we are." Something to do with that whole open-source and transparency thing we’ve been preaching.

So, here are the folks who are currently full-time engaged in our project. We’ll announce other members of our team as appropriate:

Ccsb_photo_2_1Gary Cohen is a newspaper junkie, through and through. He’s one of those people for whom reading old piled up newspapers is the first order of business upon returning from a vacation. He’s a former corporate securities attorney (still has the bar card — the security, not so much); a stock market guru; and is the biggest Duke football fan west of the Mississippi. Gary takes pride in his ability to consume obscene amounts of food without gaining weight, and lords same over Mike (below). Gary apologizes for the racy snapshot with this bio and vows to replace it with something more appropriate soon.


KevinKevin McCrea has worked for two members of Congress; in the Dubya Bush administration; as a lobbyist; and as general manager of an ophthalmologist’s optometrist’s office. We’ve convinced him that he can do far more damage to the economy by taking up with us. Kevin is already an internet entrepreneur, via his website featuring photos of all 50 State Capitols and all (yes, all) of Texas’ county courthouses. Kevin, as pictured, is our resident "ladies’ man."


Ltable2_2_1Mike Orren (blue shirt on right, winning our incorporation fees) has been trying, unsuccessfully, to extricate himself from the media business ever since his first attempt at hard-hitting journalism led to the emergency evacuation of his high school. He was a key leader of both the relaunch and re-relaunch teams at D Magazine in the mid-nineties. Disliking the monotony of steady paychecks, he struck off on his own, briefly attempting to launch a Texas Monthly-esque magazine in his native North Carolina (and inadvertently winning some awards along the way). Finding that he missed Dallas, he moved back and took the reins of Texas Lawyer from 2001 until April of this year. Mike is the author of most of the material on this blog, except for anything with which you disagree. Gary wrote that stuff.

Trivia question: Two of the people pictured at this table have finished in the money at the World Series of Poker. Neither of those people are me. Who are they?

UPDATE: 11/18/05

Alan Cohen is a native Dallasite and grad of St. Mark’s and Tulane. He’s a saxaphonist and former band manager who showed up on our doorstep in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

Blair Lovern
is an experienced journalist, having worked for Baseball America, The Roanoke Times and a host of other print publications.

Cindy Chaffin
runs, which the Dallas Observer has awarded "best local blog," or some equivalent therof for three consectutive years.

Kate Mackley is "an up-and-comer" on the local music scene, writing, taking pictures, booking shows and generally spending every breath supporting Dallas indie bands.

Donte Gibson is our most senior staffer, having joined us back in May. He does a little bit of everything, but is particularly focused on music and writing. He likes the idea of legal indemnity.

Alex Kanakis is a local photographer specializing in the music scene and is also a recording and editing wiz.

Alexis Reynolds is an A&M grad interested in photojournalism.

Beth Freed is a recent grad of UT Southwestern, and wants to be a copy editor.

Brent Herndon, Carissa McAtee, Lauren Allen and Shannon Tebbe are recent UNT grads, hoping to break into journalism.

Chris Curotolo is a UTD grad who has worked in book publishing.

Chris Jacobs is a professional journalist from Indiana.

Huong Nguyen is a techie with special interest in physics and web design.

Jillian Tydor is a recent OU grad with lots of student publishing experience who also interned at the Oklahoma Gazette.

Jozel Villamayor is a student at UTD.

Kristin Stockton
is an A&M grad and wants to review books.

Laura Anne Evans
is starting her career as a photojournalist.

Laura Seewoester
is a UT photojournalism grad.

Shrie Bradford
is a student at UNT majoring in advertising, and into the Denton music scene.

Whitney Devin is a college student who is trying to get experience in

Leslie Burns is starting a second career in photography and is deep into the local art scene.

Mike Orren is the Chief Product Officer of The Dallas Morning News; President of Belo Business Intelligence; husband to Crystal Orren; and a Mungarian at Munger Place Church in Dallas, TX. All opinions herein are mine alone.