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The memoir

autobiography715A quick note to explain a series of posts to follow:
I’ve threatened (and been encouraged by friends) over the years to write some sort of autobiographical tome that spins some of the stranger yarns from my youth in North Carolina and my career (to date) in the media biz. It’s not that I’m necessarily the most interesting fellow on the block, but I had a quirky cast of friends and relatives growing up. And three media startups/relaunches have provided plenty of fodder. I’ve always imagined it as a more-focused / less-briliant David Sedaris kinda thing.
So I’m going to start dribbling out a few posts on my blog to get a feel for the material I’ve got at hand. Feel free to ignore or write it off as cheap therapy for an egomaniac. But also feel free to comment and give me some feedback on the work product as it trudges along.
Meantime, one ground rule: For the time being, I’m going to follow a practice of changing names to protect the guilty. I’ll italicize any such names in the text.

LP blogging

You won't find this stuff in the Itunes store.
You won't find this stuff in the Itunes store.

I’ve noticed an uptick lately in the number and quality of what I’d call LP blogs — sites primarily dedicated to posting audio and cover images from long out-of-print vinyl records.
This is an invaluable service, spreading around good, great and sometimes intentionally awful music that would otherwise be lost to the ages. And even the most jaded RIAA-lovin’ copyright fanatic can’t reasonably object to the dissemination of these mostly obscure out-of-circulation albums without a discernible commercial market…
Eh, come to think of it, they probably could, would, will and do find a way to carp. But they’d be better off watching to see what’s popular on these blogs as a bellwether for the reissue and compilation market.
Here are some of the LP blogs that make my daily feeds and cause my hard drive to overflow: Keep Reading

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