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Let the dinosaurs die

If I've learned anything in the last four years...
If I've learned anything in the last four years...

I’m pretty firmly against the slew of bailouts being proposed or in process. It’s not that I’m insensitive to the impact of the fall of certain industries or the unemployment that follows. It’s that I don’t believe that the money, which is at some point finite, will make a difference in badly broken businesses. So why throw good money after bad? Let the bad businesses fail and use the proposed bailout money to help the displaced workers by using it to create jobs.
I had an experience today with a company in a troubled industry that reminded me how badly things can be broken… Keep Reading

The fake economy really sucks too

As a new media guy, I suppose it’s heresy to say that I find some of the en vogue (or at least formerly en vogue) services to be utterly ridiculous. Twitter’s one example (but that’s another post).
I tried really hard to see Second Life as something more than a timesuck for gullible ex-dungeonmasters and marketing consultants with enough disposable time and income that they don’t mind slow, jerky, crashing animations of their alter-fauxegos. But I’ve come up empty. I mean at least WOW gives you the entertaiment value of killing stuff.
So I find news of a real estate crisis in SL beyond ridiculous. Keep Reading

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