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I tagged lots of studies in the past week that bode well for our plan. A sampling:

Where we fit

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Bubblegeneration has a nice post on the state of the media and Web 2.0, that touches on what I think differentiates what we’re doing here at Pegasus:

If you wanna get a bit theoretical with me, this is really a battle
between two worldviews. One is the old techno hippe vision of
decentralized communities and markets doing cool stuff; the other is a
centralized, corporatized world…

At the core, I agree. However, we’re at a disruptive point in the market — the corporatized are under pressure and the hippies are (as always) disorganized.

Like we said a long time ago: There’s a lot of short-to-midterm value in the middle. If you can build enough, you can be on the right side when the tipping point comes.


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As everyone with a blog seems to know, the NYT‘s opinion columns go paid next week.

  1. Subscriber response will be underwhelming.
  2. The NYT will not be substantially harmed as a result.
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