Live better redundantly

Yesterday, having read all of Our Daily Paper, April was surprised to find a second copy of it in our driveway later in the afternoon.

The second copy had a special ad wrap on it and was "brought to you by [their] sponsors."

I was glad to have the second paper, as the second read re-inforced things I’d missed earlier in the day. I spent extra time re-reading each and every ad, and as a result made several purchases last night.

Same paper twice a day? Perhaps a business model whose time has come.

In contrasting news, via Jeff Jarvis:

Audi just spent .5 percent of its budget for a campaign on blog ads, which drove 29 percent of traffic to its site. That says blogs works. Henry says the blog ads cost as much as a banner on Yahoo. That says blogs are criminally underpriced.


A Poker-blogging, non-capitalizing, Pegasus News lifetime subscriber corresponds:

hey mike, i just subscribed. man, paypal makes
everything so easy, and i certainly feel secure. (though why was a billed sales

i also sprung for an extra $.38.which paid for some
sort of paypal guarantee. so if you guys don’t deliver what you promise, i will
have appropriate protection and recourse.
i really did want to get multiple subscriptions, by
the way, but only if it will help your circ numbers out. if 10 (or more)
purchases from the same paypal account will end up counting only as one,
however, i’ll save the money and clicks. if they count as separate ones, you
should encourage people to give a lifetime subscription gift to everyone they

Texans, unfortunately have to pay sales tax on online subscriptions, while most of our print counterparts get a free ride.

No arcane audit rules here in the new new New media, though: Buy as many gift subscriptions as you like. (In fact, we have a couple folks who have bought 10+ subscriptions.) But the offer expires at midnight Monday…

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