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So, several months ago, I started hearing folks — non-media-savvy folks, mind you — asking why newspapers couldn’t be more precise in their ad pricing.

Why can’t you charge the same way Google does, where I only pay for the clicks?

The demand was for something tangible and precise, something that couldn’t be fudged.

Or could it?

If only there was an even more precise metric. Hmm…

Faster, looser, cheaper

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Having capriciously recommended it to a couple of our team members, I’m finally getting around to reading Michael Wolff’s Autumn of the Moguls, in anticipation of a talk he’s giving in Dallas later this month.

My wife just handed me an article he wrote for last month’s Vanity Fair (not online). Although it’s about the fall of network evening news, there was one passage that I found somewhat germane to Our Little Venture:

News, in anything but its most rarified form, was only ever commercial, local, cranky, ill-informed, cheap. Network news, on the other hand, established in the mid-50s was grand, Olympian, internationalist,  fair-minded, expensive (really expensive) — and for everybody.

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