A brief reprieve

Although we’re well past our target number, due to travel and lack of early-morning access to a computer, our lifetime subscription offer will be extended until sometime tomorrow afternoon. That’s 12-16 extra hours to get those super-cheap gifts for your super-cheap friends.

Caveat reader:Light blogging ahead

Just an FYI that blogging will be sporadic at best this week — with the announcement of our launch date, things have really kicked into high gear. And, I’ll be in NY at the We Media conference for a good chunk of the week. Talk amongst yourselves.

Quit reading already!

We’re awash in a sea of media, according to the Christian Science Monitor.

Digital multitasking is the new sitting on a couch watching the tube. Most amazing stat: 69% of waking hours are spent consuming media, making it the plastics of the aughties.

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