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Stream o' consciousness for August 6th

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"I enjoy the massacre of ads. This sentence will slaughter ads without a messy bloodbath." (Brilliant ad context hack) [#]
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@mleewelch It’s just under a mile, but I highly recommend Club Quarters. Nice and cheap (rare combo): [#]
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RT @copyblogger: Ironically, it’s a lot easier to have integrity when you have money. [#]
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@bsaren What’s main differential? [#]
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@LevelTen_Colin Step 1. Take your group off LinkedIn and to a social net where people actually use/interact with groups. [#]
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Wow. First time I’ve ever been actively blocked on Twitter. And by someone I met under seemingly pleasant circumstances last week. Sniff. [#]
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RT @dgouldin: @mikeorren then why do most of the people I know with integrity not have money? (original via @copyblogger) [#]
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@davehucker I saw a retweet that I knew I hadn’t seen. When I clicked user in Seesmic, said I was blocked @ user request [#]
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@mattsingley A free and immediately available copy of Sherpa for iPhone. 😉 [#]
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Listening to The Ozark Mountain Daredevils – It’ll Shine When It Shines [#]
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Listened to 45 songs.
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Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell. – John Nichols (via @johnperrybarlow)-> what’s your co’s strategy? [#]
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Sad on several levels that the #4 paid app in iTunes store is geocoded sex offender dbase. [#]
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rt @pegasusnews Pegasus News week in view: Serial edition – [#]
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If you’ve ever pitched or been pitched or might pitch for investment, you must watch Dragon’s Den on BBC America. [#]
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@wmhartnett I didn’t get Cohen either until I saw him live a few months back. Then the skies opened. [#]
twitter (feed #10) (via @GraemeThickins) "The lesson: it doesn’t matter what a company needs; only matters what customers willing to do." [#]
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Mad Men premiere dry, @dynamoe? So many illusions shattering. Need an early-morning old fashioned to cope. [#]
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@anildash Count me another vote for genius o’ PM Dawn. [#]
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Listening to The Gourds – Tex-Mex Mile "I was Rip Van Winkle, but I thought I was Apollo Creed" [#]
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Listened to 24 songs.

Stream o' consciousness for April 7th

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RT @westseattleblog …don’t waste time/$ trying to get attention. IT’S ALL ABOUT YOUR CONTENT. if it’s good, they will come. [#] 2:14pm | via Twitter

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I bought the @MacHeist 3 Bundle. 12 Top Mac apps worth $900+ for just $39 AND I just got Delicious Library 2 FREE! [#] 2:47pm | via Twitter
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Just listed myself in the local Twitter directory in ZIP 75228 [#] 4:45pm | via Twitter
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RT @scottkarp Seriously, how dare newsstands make $ from selling me other things when I go there to pick up a newspaper- should all be sued. [#] 7:15pm | via Twitter
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@scottkarp Newsstand returns likely do not cover M&D [#] 10:14pm | via Twitter
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Blog, interrupted(Sort-of)

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(Real posting date on this one is 12/5/05. Read below for nominal updates)

We had a good first week with the new site launch — without any promotion, we averaged around 1,600 visits a day on a holiday week and got some nice press mentions along the way.

I also came to a realization as I wrote the post below:

Six weeks ago, I would have given naming rights to a child for a
mention in [PaidContent’s] hallowed pixels. Now, I’d much rather see a positive
bulletin post from a cover-band bassist on MySpace.

Another was that the euphoria I’ve experienced this week comes from the fact that I much more enjoy being in business than writing about it. My only regret about this early mini-launch is that we didn’t do it six months ago.

And the lesson is that although the 733 posts I’ve written on this site over the past year have served a valuable purpose– testing theories against the wisdom of my readers; building buzz; drawing our team — there’s nothing I can do right now that is more personally fulfilling (or value-building) than working on our business.

So, to that end, I’m putting this blog into a state of suspended animation. I may come back and post from time to time when I’ve got something really "inside baseball," so keep me subscribed on your feeds. But don’t expect more than a post a month.

I’m also taking the link to this blog off the Pegasus News homepage. It has always confused the hell out of locals who come here and think we’re trying to build a business around my mediati snark. The archives will stand as a diary of the work-in-progress business plan over the past year.

For those masochistic souls who fear that they’ll miss my sparkling prose– take comfort. I’m starting a new blog on the TexasGigs site today.

It’s called The One That’s Not About Music. The title is partly a hat tip to the album titles of Levi Smith, a local musician whom I’ve discovered while working on the site. It also is what it says it is– A blog on TexasGigs that doesn’t primarily focus on music. I plan to use it as an outlet to shoot my mouth off; a place to play with some local news concepts; and a place to report to the community on our progress.

Meantime, to get your daily dose of media-industry news and views, check out the sites on the blogroll at left. And if you want to limit to only a few sources, I recommend:

Like I said, don’t think of this blog as dead — It’s just sidelined while we focus on what’s really important.

Thanks for reading…


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Reposted from my other blog:

With our new pretense of being a "real company," we’ve just done a bit of office decoration that I’ve had in mind for almost four years. I’m an old newsie at heart, and I grew up on images of newsrooms adorned with clocks showing the times in cities all over the world. You can kinda make out what I mean in this Mary Tyler Moore shot:

At Pegasus News, we have the same thing in our lobby, with a hyperlocal twist:


Here’s a detail.   


16 clocks in all, representing various DFW communities, all set to the same time. (We’ll get the second hands synchronized when we switch for the end of daylight savings time.)

It’s a reminder to our team that covering the happenings in our neighborhoods should be every bit as important and sexy as covering New York, Rome, Paris and London.

This makes me ridiculously happy.

A sip of champagne

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Reposted from my other blog:

I  can’t remember where I read it, but a few months ago I was struck
by an essay admonishing entrepreneurs for "saving all their champagne"
for the end of a project, for that mythical day when the "Mission
Accomplished" sign is hung. People can only think long-term for so
long, and they need to celebrate important milestones along the way,
with a metaphoric sip of champagne.

Today is a HUGE milestone for us. After I finish
this post, I am signing Pegasus News Inc’s first-ever payroll checks.
We’ve occasionally thrown our hardest workers a (very) little bonus as
a thank-you, but these are real, honest-to god, regular paychecks
complete with witholding and the promise that in two weeks there will
be a sequel.

They’re still well under-market, but they put us in an entirely
different mental place. Yesterday, we were a rag-tag team of
volunteers. Today, we’re a company.

My partners, Gary and Kevin, have been working full-time since
April, 2005 without pay. And many others on our team — Alan, Blair,
Chris, Laura E, Laura S, Todd — have been working nearly as long.

I was interviewing an ad rep candidate the other day who asked about
whether or not we have a good work environment. I told her to look out
into the office bullpen and see ten people who have been working a year
without pay. That’s the only answer I felt she needed.

Today certainly is not the biggest day our company will ever have. The day we launch Pegasus News
this November will be bigger. And the day we figure out how to make our
first monthly profit will be far bigger. But today is a big one for us.
There’s never been a time in my career or a team I’ve worked with of
which I’ve been so proud.

Don’t expect a lot of site updates this afternoon, as we’ll be
taking some time for a well-deserved "sip of champagne." Well, more
literally a gulp of tequila — but we’re in Dallas, so same difference.

My personal thanks to everyone who got us this far, and especially
to those who stuck with us when we were well past our freshness date.
There’s more to come.

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