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Fair-weathered friends

The new refrain in business
The new refrain in business

I’m seeing an unhappy, but perhaps necessary trend in business relationships of late, one that may well be born of our troubling economic times. I can ‘splain best with an example:
Last year, Google approached my company about becoming an “Authorized Adwords Reseller.” The courtship, ramp-up and launch process was high-touch. We had lots of conference calls with lots of people. We had regular email correspondence with the support team– all real people with real names. Our business manager went to Mountain View for live training.
This week, we were unceremoniously dumped from the program via a canned email with no human being’s signature on it. I did get a response to my reply of complaint, but it came from the nameless, faceless, phone numberless “Google AdWords Reseller Team.” Keep Reading

Social media in-justice

From one of my attorney friends, posted from Facebook with the name changed to protect the honest:

“Chelsea” offers a secret to my FB friends. We look up your FB pages during jury selection. Just sayin… 2:58pmComment

Like all things, can be used for good or evil. I like.

One of these things is not like the others…

Saving the banking industry means saving banks.
Saving the auto industry means saving car makers.
Saving the free press does not mean saving newspapers.

I'm dreaming of a dark Christmas

An underappreciated classic
An underappreciated classic

Previously posted treacle aside, I like my Christmas songs like I like my humor– dark. Provides a nice place to whistle.
I went on a big Christmas song kick this year. Here are my current faves: Keep Reading

Let the dinosaurs die

If I've learned anything in the last four years...
If I've learned anything in the last four years...

I’m pretty firmly against the slew of bailouts being proposed or in process. It’s not that I’m insensitive to the impact of the fall of certain industries or the unemployment that follows. It’s that I don’t believe that the money, which is at some point finite, will make a difference in badly broken businesses. So why throw good money after bad? Let the bad businesses fail and use the proposed bailout money to help the displaced workers by using it to create jobs.
I had an experience today with a company in a troubled industry that reminded me how badly things can be broken… Keep Reading

No Depression?

It aint no WPA -- Thats for sure.
It ain't no WPA -- That's for sure.

I’ve been writing about this for a while now, but with every passing day — even without media hype — it becomes clearer to me that we are in the early stages of hard times beyond the most devout Cassandra’s ken. You can say that people saying things like this are turning this recession depression holyshit into a self-fulfilling prophecy. I say: “Mithridates, he died old.”
I’ve taken the existence of this thing (whatever you want to call it) as a given for a while now. The question increasingly on my mind is how are we going to handle it? Keep Reading

Great Freudian slip

In the cab to the airport and just heard a classic Freudian slip on NPR:
Some New Orleans official re: Katrina:
“The worst natural man-made disaster in human history.”

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