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Nothing like the real thing


Like many others I’ve seen posting about the Interwebs this week, I’ve been suffering from a nasty cold/flu amalgam this week. But because I was already suffering from allergies, I initially misdiagnosed the problem as worsening of the original. That means I’ve tried a panopoly of remedies: Keep Reading


If only...
If only...

1,585 days ago, I underwent a strange metamorphosis. I had been in a bit of a funk and was spending a lot of time reading and noodling on a lot of things. On that day I had a couple conversations and read some articles that somehow gelled together late in the day when my mind was idle. In a flash, I knew that I had synthesized something important. Over the next couple days I started writing it all down… Keep Reading

"I wasn't losing — I was just learning how to win."

Lead, follow or get out o the way
Lead, follow or get out o' the way

Ted Turner has been a longtime hero of mine — It was an article he wrote about the media business that was the last push to leave a safe, lucrative publishing job to start a local media business.
I just stumbled on a nice CNN interview with him.
For me, this was the money-shot: Keep Reading

MBT saves my feet, part the first

I have horrible feet and ankles. I don’t mean that they’re particularly ugly — but even when I was in shape, I’ve always suffered from foot and ankle pain and a tendency to sprains and twists.
I saw ads in a couple issues of Wired for MBT Shoes, and on asking April about them learned that her mom is a huge fan. Keep Reading

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