Stream o' consciousness for July 20th

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Impressive! RT @pegnewsmusic How to create the cheapest weekend ever in Dallas-Fort Worth (via @kellyjkit) [#]
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Just what the world needs: More glib, overeducated people with more opinions than testicular mass #LuckyUs (via @gapingvoid) [#]
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First mandatory scooter day in 2 years (car in shop). Reminds me of the payroll-free days @pegasusnews. They sucked in a truly awesome way. [#]
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rt @johnrobinson @DigiDave connects bloggers/musicians, can I be Elvis… (Me=Ben Folds- not afraid 2 cuss on ballads) [#]
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@johnrobinson @DigiDave But, PN’s metamorphasis has me in mind of Uncle Tupelo. Worse things than being Son Volt, but hope to be Wilco. [#]
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