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Nothing like the real thing


Like many others I’ve seen posting about the Interwebs this week, I’ve been suffering from a nasty cold/flu amalgam this week. But because I was already suffering from allergies, I initially misdiagnosed the problem as worsening of the original. That means I’ve tried a panopoly of remedies: Keep Reading

When search does harm: Tech support

My computer crapped out today, and in an effort to find a fix I noticed a huge weakness in search algorithms.
Longevity, traffic and inbound links are all favored, we know. And that generally is good in bringing reliable, complete results.
But when it comes to tech support, say looking for a way to make a bootable emergency disk, old reliable results aren’t what you need. Especially when they’re 2-3 years old and relate to OS features that are obsolete.
Meh. I just want to know that something other than my computer isn’t functioning properly.


If only...
If only...

1,585 days ago, I underwent a strange metamorphosis. I had been in a bit of a funk and was spending a lot of time reading and noodling on a lot of things. On that day I had a couple conversations and read some articles that somehow gelled together late in the day when my mind was idle. In a flash, I knew that I had synthesized something important. Over the next couple days I started writing it all down… Keep Reading

CNN: Using text messaging. Ur doin it wrong

Im not alone in thinking CNN doesnt understand priority.
I'm not alone in thinking CNN doesn't understand priority.

I’ve written before about how most media folk don’t understand how properly to use text alerts, with CNN as a case-in-point.
Here’s a checklist for breaking news alerts. Fail one and hold your fire: Keep Reading

Was Simpsons' genius skewering of Apple an advertising D'oh?

"Look! It's so sterile!"
"Look! It's so sterile!"

Whether you’re an Apple fanboy (like me) or a hater, you had to enjoy the skewering delivered by The Simpsons last night. It was some of the sharper satire we’ve seen out of the show in a while. (See video clips after the jump).
But for all the merriment rampant in Apple’s Mac/PC ad campaigns, Steve Jobs isn’t known for his sense of humor on such matters. Especially when the first ad of the first commercial break was for the MacbookKeep Reading

Gambling on "collaboratition"

Poker in the front, cheating in the back.
Poker in the front, cheating in the back.

Great piece on 60 Minutes last night about cheating from insiders on online poker sites. What really struck me was that the bulk of the investigative lifting was done by aggrieved gamblers (who also happened to be attorneys). The point is that they piled through tons of documents and spreadsheets to prove the pattern and isolate the likely culprits. And even though the gamblers weren’t so-called unbiased Journalists, 60 Minutes and The Washington Post teamed up to follow up on their research and go ask the bad guys and their de facto accomplices tough questions… Keep Reading

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