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No Depression?

It aint no WPA -- Thats for sure.
It ain't no WPA -- That's for sure.

I’ve been writing about this for a while now, but with every passing day — even without media hype — it becomes clearer to me that we are in the early stages of hard times beyond the most devout Cassandra’s ken. You can say that people saying things like this are turning this recession depression holyshit into a self-fulfilling prophecy. I say: “Mithridates, he died old.”
I’ve taken the existence of this thing (whatever you want to call it) as a given for a while now. The question increasingly on my mind is how are we going to handle it? Keep Reading

Songs of the moment: Dylan and Jackson

Bob Dylan: Everything is Broken
The car, the pool, the computer, the economy, my nasal passages. Ack.
Mahalia Jackson: “If We Never Needed the Lord Before”
Rediscovered Mahalia via the closing credits of an exceptional episode of This American Life.  And we could all use a little help these days. Keep Reading

LP blogging

You won't find this stuff in the Itunes store.
You won't find this stuff in the Itunes store.

I’ve noticed an uptick lately in the number and quality of what I’d call LP blogs — sites primarily dedicated to posting audio and cover images from long out-of-print vinyl records.
This is an invaluable service, spreading around good, great and sometimes intentionally awful music that would otherwise be lost to the ages. And even the most jaded RIAA-lovin’ copyright fanatic can’t reasonably object to the dissemination of these mostly obscure out-of-circulation albums without a discernible commercial market…
Eh, come to think of it, they probably could, would, will and do find a way to carp. But they’d be better off watching to see what’s popular on these blogs as a bellwether for the reissue and compilation market.
Here are some of the LP blogs that make my daily feeds and cause my hard drive to overflow: Keep Reading

If that ain't country

Finally, country music appears in RockBand 2!
Oh, wait. You said Brooks & Dunn, Dixie Chicks, Miranda Lambert, and Brad Paisley?
Sigh. Nevermind.
Bonus tunes:
Hank Williams III: “Dixie” from Straight to Hell. – NSFW
Robbie Fulks: “Countrier than Thou” from Georgia Hard

Signs of the times, sprinkled with irony

We’re going to see a lot more of this sort of thing…
1. Tribune coverwrap on issue of AdAge that arrived the same day as their bankruptcy announcement:

An opportunity to dodge your bills, apparently.
"An opportunity" to dodge your bills, apparently.

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