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Trailer: A Face in the Crowd

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Let the dinosaurs die

If I've learned anything in the last four years...
If I've learned anything in the last four years...

I’m pretty firmly against the slew of bailouts being proposed or in process. It’s not that I’m insensitive to the impact of the fall of certain industries or the unemployment that follows. It’s that I don’t believe that the money, which is at some point finite, will make a difference in badly broken businesses. So why throw good money after bad? Let the bad businesses fail and use the proposed bailout money to help the displaced workers by using it to create jobs.
I had an experience today with a company in a troubled industry that reminded me how badly things can be broken… Keep Reading

Required reading: The Wizard of Ads

The Wiz
The Wiz

I’m usually leery when sales managers recommend reading — it’s typically brainless, feel-good plucky crap designed to motivate the unmotivated. So when our last sales manager pointed me at the Monday Morning Memo by Roy H. Williams, a self-styled “Wizard of Ads,” my eyes almost rolled out of my head.
But week in and week out, Williams’ missives are the most consistently insightful thing I read. He’s a master of human psychology and counter-intuitive wisdom. I generally find myself agreeing with him on some concept or other that hadn’t ocurred to me before: Take for example this week’s study of how most marketing is geared towards extraverts while alienating introverts.
If you become a regular reader, don’t miss the “rabbit hole,” which is an Easter Egg hidden in every issue. Click on the lead photo (and each subsequent one that appears) and you’ll be taken down some other, unrelated road. This week’s, for instance, is a series of thoughts, photos and videos on Audrey Hepburn.
I never thought I’d find a truly literate writer focused on sales, but Roy’s the real deal. You’re cheating yourself if your don’t sign up for his weekly email or subscribe to his podcast.

Guilty pleasure: Jim Steinman

The greatest bad songwriter of all time
The greatest worst songwriter of all time

I like to think that I have impeccable, yet Catholic musical tastes. But there’s always been a certain collection of songs that I know violate every rule of good music. They do so without any pretension at subtlety, play on the cheapest human emotions and contain the cheapest of single entendres and bad puns. Treacle and bombast can. and do, coexist.
As a youth, I didn’t know that these songs had anything in common, although I should have: Keep Reading

"May You Always"

Harry Harrison
Harry Harrison

I’ve been on a holiday music downloading kick this year and have been listening to a lot of new (to me) tracks.
I just discovered “May You Always” by New York DJ Harry Harrison. It’s apparently an old, tired bit for New Englanders, but I find it simultaneously old-fashioned and of our time. I can’t think of a better wish for all those whom I love, those I like and those with whom I walk on through troubled times: Keep Reading

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