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Zoetrope blows my mind

Ever seen something that you so thoroughly knew was game changing that you couldn’t even effectively articulate how? Because the language actually changed with the innovation?
See Zoetrope.
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Facebook's outbound link brilliance

As best as I can tell, this just started today. When I clicked on a link posted by one of my friends (hey Chip!), the resulting page, which was on a WordPress blog, looked like this:

Click for larger image

A couple notable items:

  • The banner at the top is unobtrusive enough not to be annoying, but gives the option of bringing the conversation back to Facebook, where you’re more likely to know people and follow along — generating more FB pageviews.
  • The URL on the page is a FB URL. I wonder how much havoc this creates with the visited site’s traffic logs?
  • The banner stays until you hit the x or type a new URL. I’d like to see it go away after a couple clicks.
  • We’ll implement something inspired by this for Our Little Business shortly after the holidays. We do a lot of linkout stories where people return to us for conversation and I think this encourages that without being too obtrusive.

Song of the moment: "Rock Me on the Water"

Jackson Browne: “Rock Me on the Water”
This may well be one of my top ten favorite songs, but I always seem to forget about it until it manifests itself in shuffle at an opportune time. Beauty and apocalypse mix with a Browne vocal so real you can hear him chuckle at the irony in one of the verses — and I generally find him stilted. I’d love for Ben Folds to cover this.
Although I’d heard it before, it first stuck with me when it popped into my shuffle as I was taking a long walk to clear my head during the confusion of September 12, 2001.

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