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Media companies

Media companies

Below are some recent clients who have not requested that I keep our engagement confidential.


Examiner.com and CBS Local: Examiner brought me in to build a program leveraging their best Examiners to develop custom content for partner companies. I did that and helped to complete a deal for that team to provide lifestyle content for twenty-five metro sites owned and operated by CBS. More details in this press release.

SourceMedia: Helping newspaper and television group in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to improve their digital products and to help local businesses leverage those products to increase their sales.

Watershed Post: Through an arrangement with the International Women’s Media Foundation, mentoring and advising a startup local news organization in the Catskills area of New York state.

MobileMum: Assisting developer of mobile children’s edu-tainment app in fundraising and marketing.

D Magazine: Occasional contributor.