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I think Apple's making a big play for the business market

While there’s all sorts of chatter about how Apple is (or isn’t) extending its reach in the consumer electronics space with its shiny new OS and a slew of rumored new i-devices, I think there’s an at least equally strong strategy in play to become a much bigger player in the business space. As someone […]

Smart travel

Although we’ve occasionally indulged in some luxury travel (usually when I was on a YPO-sponsored trip), in general I try to find a balance between being extraordinarily cheap and not being in danger of robbery, vermin or disease. I’m known to stay in a nearby hotel to avoid an inflated conference rate and to spend […]

In which I enter the Brave New World of iPad computing

For the last couple months, I’ve taken great pride in pontificating that Apple had finally created a product in which I had zero interest. I sneered that the iPad was either a mere giant iPhone sans phone or a primary computer for digital idiots. I am typing this entry on my new iPad, purchased Saturday […]