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Esse Quam Videri: Page 2

Don't believe the hype

As I re-fire this site to post more, I betray my magazine roots by coming up with “sections” as fast or faster than I create posts. This one’s going to be a subset of the Esse Quam Videri category, poking some holes in things (mostly businesses) that need a bubble-burst. First one coming forthwith.

Song of the moment: "Lie I Believe"

Dedicated to all my friends working on annual budget projections. And, sadly, probably not the worst theme song for election day. V-Roys: “Lie I Believe”

Esse quam videri

Living in the limelight, the universal dream, for those who wish to seem. Those who wish to be must put aside the alienation, get on with the fascination, the real relation, the underlying theme. – Rush A number of kind (and / or masochistic) friends have been lobbying for me to write more often on […]